Film has a special ability that allows you to relive your wedding day. We capture not just the emotions of the couple, but of all the friends and family you have invited to share this day with you. Weddings are full of special little moments. We set ourselves apart through our attention to detail and our ability to insert these special little moments throughout your wedding film as we document your special day.


This is the team. Jason has a love for people and culture. He spent over two years in South America, first as an exchange student and then to travel. More recently he lived in Japan for four years. Weddings are all about people and emotion which is why he loves doing what he does. Nancy has a love for fashion and design and is the proud winner of the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards. She has a unique ability to truly see people and her attention to detail is evident in every film they make. The last and most spoiled member of the Bad Panda team is little Chika. Perhaps better in front of the camera than behind it, she their newest obsession and brings hours of joy and entertainment.