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Wedding Videographer Tauranga

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At Bad Panda we are truly passionate about capturing those special moments that you will cherish in years to come. We understand each couple is unique and different and we want to produce a film which shows that.

How do we achieve this? First, we get to know you not just as clients but people who have a shared story to tell. Next, we listen to what you want. We are flexible to incorporate anything unique and special you want us to capture on your special day. Finally, we do our stuff. We capture those special moments that will make you laugh, smile and remember your special day. 


About Jason

I love to travel and experience different cultures, which is why at 16 I decided to live for a year in Argentina as an exchange student. This experience had a profound impact on me. After university I returned to South America for another year to live and recently lived in Japan for four years. While overseas I saw and visited some truly amazing places but what always interested me the most was the people. People fascinate me. I believe everyone has their unique story to tell and I want to be the one to tell that story.